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Type SAE Spacer Universal Joint Shaft Couplings 

Fits standard SAE UJ (Universal Joint) companion flanges. Release torque is adjustable by Wedgepin ratings. 
The maximum release torque is based on maximum Wedgepin capacity and not UJ shaft capacity - Check your UJ shaft manufacturers max load rating. 
Spigot diameters may change on higher rated UJ shafts. 
When selecting high overloads always limit the release torque to 90% of UJ shaft manufacturers full load rating. 
Applications include: Aircraft Refuellers, Asphalting Vehicles, Bin Dischargers, Dynamometer Drives, Food Mixers, Gully Emptiers, Liquid Fertiliser Sprayers, Mulching Equipment, Nuclear Process Plant, Road Salting Vehicles, Road Tankers, Spray Tunnels, Test Bed Drives, Tube Rolling Mills, Vehicle Cargo Pumps 
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